Connecting You To The People, Stories, And Impact Behind The Fashion

A Word from our Founder


Hello! I'm Parisa, the founder and designer of Kipépéo. I created Kipépéo to connect the world with the incredible diversity and talent of African craftsmanship. When I moved to Kenya in 2019, I was inspired by how local artisans infused their artistry into everyday items to create unique handcrafted pieces. I also realized how vital artisan craft and employment were to the health and growth of the economy and community.

I wanted to collaborate with the artisans to create fashion that could support their creativity, develop income-generating skills and provide long-term employment. Through this partnership, we can now connect the world with responsibly made pieces that are rooted in purpose. With durable, high-quality, and timeless designs, my hope is that artisan stories and craftsmanship live on in your care. 

Designing fashion that creates happiness and helps others is what motivates me most. With a background in engineering and market research specialised in Customer Experience, I’m passionate about using my sharp attention to detail to create high-quality products and provide excellent customer experience. 

Bigger than fashion, your support plays an essential role in uplifting, supporting, and empowering talented artisans' livelihood and fuelling sustainable growth for local economies.