I could talk about many beautiful things that touched me in Kenya, the people, nature, landscape, wildlife, and spectacular sandy beaches. But the story I'd like to share happens behind all the beauties... 

For me Kenya is a country of contrast! Step out of the picturesque landscape, you end up in crowded and messy streets with hundreds of people, bikes, and matatus tumbling around. Go one step further and you hit the walls of massive luxury houses, some of which face the slum area where kids are playing barefoot in dirt and mud.  

Among this friendly population, I discovered dedicated and talented artisans, creating beautiful artifacts with the most basic instruments and mostly from recycled materials. Their ability to bring art into the most functional objects is so inspiring. Objects which few of us would think of as potential art pieces.

In the middle of this tempting naturally artistic environment, I obviously could not resist buying some of these beautiful pieces for myself. With each purchase, I was getting more involved in the story of each artisan and their creations. To the point that I realized I had bought many unique stories and made freindship rather than just beautiful pieces, the stories which are worthy to be heard... And I decided to take you on board and share them with you.

This was the sparkle that started "Kipépéo": A company built on a strong belief that the talent of African artisan can be the fuel of a sustainable growth for local communities, and that there is no better way to use that fuel than investing back into children's education in the remote areas.

-Parisa, Founder


 Our Name

Kipépéo means butterfly in Swahili. Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life. They have such a magical presence as they gently dance on the air from flower to flower. At Kipépéo we believe in change and hope and that every one us can make the world a more beautiful place to live in.


Our HopeTo become a source of inspiration and development for local African artisans to help them unveil the full potential of their talent and creativity.

To transform their handcrafts into a sustainable source of income and help achieve a better and more secure livelihood.
To build a better future for the country through a targeted investment in children’s education, specially in the remote areas because we believe all children should have access to a free and quality education.


 Our Goal

Kipépéo is dedicated to bring together heartmade and handmade African artifacts ranging from jewelry, fashion to home décor & accessories.
Our aim is to share the authentic story behind the products, so that each customer acquires not just a product, but a unique story.
We create a path that allows African artisans from the local communities bring the diversity of their creations and talents to the global marketplace.
As a social enterprise we are committed to re-invest our profit into supporting children education in remote area of Kenya.



Our Belief 

At Kipépéo, we believe in friendship, partnership, togetherness; hand in hand, heart to heart, side by side we make our world a better, brighter, and more peaceful place.


Our Dream

To put smile on more people's faces, and to spread love and kindness!