Designed and handcrafted delicately to be individually unique, but form an incredibly well assorted set when put together. Our Sierra cups will let you serve tea or coffee to your guests in the most beautiful and unique way.

  • Handmade from Clay of Mount Kenya
  • Dimensions: H7.5cm D8cm
  • Due to the process of glazing and the reaction to fire, each cup has a unique color.
  • Color: Cyrus green

About the collection:

The Sierra collection is an expression of our "Less is more" philosophy. Handmade from the clay of mount Kenya and shaped by the hands of our talented artisans, they reflect simplicity and style.

We believe that simple interior is elegant, harmonious, and invite people to breathe and relax. In this same spirit we designed a unique, simple and 100% handmade Home & Décor collection. Our cups, plates, spoons, table napkins and else are handmade to be the beautiful details that will dress-up your homes with chic colors and feelings, and make every corner of your house a pleasure to look at.

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