You fell in love with the unique design of these sandals. Let us tell you their stories...

The Kuchi sandals are an exquisite mix of a fairy story and a genius design. Born from the upcycling of Kuchi belts, the sandals bear the story of happy moments and in particular the one of a wedding!

In the afghani tradition, fathers gift their daughters on the wedding day with a beautiful belt adorned with a wealth of colors and coins. The father’s generosity could be measured by the weight of the belt made heavy by the coins attached to it.

As the designer discovered those hidden beauties, the Kuchi sandals were born and one more beautiful story of this world could be shared through this beautiful creation.

  • Each pair is one of a kind, and only available in one size
  • This pair is size 37.5
  • We suggest you to take half to one size up


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